2009-06-15 William Morganbump to 0.8 release-0.8
2009-06-05 William Morganupdate documentation to be slightly less out of date
2009-06-05 William Morganadd sup-announce list info to webpage
2009-06-05 William Morganupdate changelog, etc for 0.8 release
2009-06-05 William Morgandon't jump to the next open message when expanding
2009-06-05 Ben WaltonAdd V to view a raw message (headers and body).
2009-06-05 William Morganmake enter collapse current message in thread-view...
2009-06-02 William Morganremove vestigal Iconv.normalize method
2009-06-02 Mark Alexanderhandle nil charset on attachments
2009-06-02 William Morganrefactor iconv stuff, and normalize message body and...
2009-05-31 William Morganyet another utf8 bugfix: fix string subsetting
2009-05-31 William Morganminor display_length optimization
2009-05-31 Richard BrownUse rake/packagegemtask
2009-05-31 William Morganmove rfc2047 require to proper place
2009-05-31 William Morganutf8 bugfix: clear lines correctly
2009-05-31 William Morganminor display optimization
2009-05-28 William Morganminor update of undo message for labeling one thread
2009-05-28 William MorganMerge branch 'parser-user-query-fix'
2009-05-28 William MorganMerge commit 'origin/utf8-fixes'
2009-05-28 William MorganMerge commit 'origin/undo-manager'
2009-05-28 William MorganMerge commit 'origin/various-mbox-fixes'
2009-05-28 William MorganMerge commit 'origin/scanning-speedups'
2009-05-27 Alex VandiverRemove duplicate line
2009-05-27 Alex VandiverStandardize on backquotes for program invocations,...
2009-05-27 Alex VandiverMinor typo fix
2009-05-27 Alex VandiverCorrect "Appending A" to "Appendix A"
2009-05-26 William Morganenforce label uniqueness and internedness
2009-05-26 William Morganminor comment tweak
2009-05-26 William Morganfencepost bug: thread size wrong in log
2009-05-20 William Morganremove debugging change
2009-05-20 William Morganbugfix: use 64 colors, not 16
2009-05-20 William Morganmore display_length changes
2009-05-20 William Morganfix display of utf8 characters so that widths are correct
2009-05-20 William Morganmime-encode utf8 addressess and subjects in outgoing...
2009-05-19 William MorganMerge commit 'origin/sup-sync-improvements'
2009-05-18 William Morganbugfix: label counts not set correctly on new messages
2009-05-18 William Morganadd a --very-verbose option to sup-tweak-labels
2009-05-18 William Morganmake a Index#run_query method, update sup-tweak-labels
2009-05-18 William Morganmake parse_user_query_string raise exceptions on error
2009-05-18 Kirill Smelkovchmod a+x bin/*
2009-05-18 Marcus WilliamsChronic context fix
2009-05-18 William MorganMerge commit 'origin/string-split-fixes'
2009-05-18 William MorganMerge commit 'origin/edit-message-mode-longname'
2009-05-18 William MorganMerge branch 'better-buffer-list'
2009-05-18 William MorganMerge commit 'origin/labels-rework'
2009-05-18 William MorganMerge branch 'zsh-completion'
2009-05-18 William MorganMerge branch 'dlload-bugfix'
2009-05-17 William Morganclean up undo logic
2009-05-17 William Morganmake UndoManager#register take a block
2009-05-17 William Morganminor bugfix: rubymail sometimes returns a nil content_type
2009-05-17 William Morgancheck for a correct date on mbox From lines
2009-05-17 William Morganmake the default MBox start offset be 0, not nil
2009-05-17 William Morganmake MBox::Loader#next return nil once EOF is hit
2009-05-13 William Morganbugfix: further fixing of split usage
2009-05-13 William Morganbugfix: index label parsing code incorrect
2009-05-13 William Morganminor: remove ucfirst (use capitalize instead)
2009-05-04 Ben WaltonKeymap: improve behaviour of apply to tagged in thread...
2009-05-04 William Morganbugfix: typo
2009-05-04 William Morganbugfix: poll.rb assuming all messages have froms
2009-05-04 William Morganimprove sup-sync output
2009-05-04 William Morganmake sup-sync's --start-at actually useful
2009-04-29 William Morgandon't require has_errors? in Source objects
2009-04-29 William Morganmake raw_message faster with string += => <<
2009-04-29 William Morganfix mbox splitting regexp
2009-04-27 William Morganaaaand fix up NON_EDITABLE_HEADERS
2009-04-26 William Morganbugfix: edit-message-mode headers broken by case changes
2009-04-26 William Morgandon't automatically parse header on Message#new
2009-04-26 William Morganmake Index#sync_message take an extra speedy arg
2009-04-26 William Morgandisable extra (slow) sanity check in Index adding
2009-04-26 William Morganbetter sup-sync output
2009-04-26 William Morganmove MBox.parse_header -> Source.parse_raw_email_header
2009-04-26 William Morgandisable logging of email header cleanups
2009-04-26 William Morganchange email header parsing. MASSIVE SPEEDUP!
2009-04-26 William Morganreplace += with << in mbox reading
2009-04-26 William Morganremove vestigal mbox#read_body method
2009-04-26 William Morganmake sup-files.rb print out all files when executed
2009-04-23 William Morganimprove mime-view and mime-decode hook documentation
2009-04-23 Stefan LundströmChanged cc and bcc field editing to use Person.full_add...
2009-04-13 William Morgantrivial: display attachment sizes
2009-04-09 William Morganupdate NewUserGuide.txt with new keymappings
2009-04-09 William Morganadd libc message for BSD users
2009-04-09 William Morganimprove dlload of setlocale() and include cygwin
2009-04-09 William MorganMerge branches 'dont-canonicalize-email-addresses'...
2009-04-09 William Morgankeybindings: ; -> buffer-list-mode, b, B, +
2009-04-09 William Morganimprove buffer-list-mode to sort by atime and more
2009-04-09 William Morganadd unsaved? attribute to modes
2009-04-09 William Morganadd system and atime attributes to buffers
2009-03-29 William Morganbugfix: catch invalid regular expressions in tag-matching
2009-03-29 Nicolas PouillardResync listable_labels and applyable_labels with reality
2009-03-29 William MorganMerge branch 'default-colors'
2009-03-27 William Morganbugfix bugfix: preserve recipient_email email address
2009-03-26 William Morganbugfix: reply from addresses drop the names
2009-03-25 William Morganupdate webpage to reference blog and fix 0.7 release...
2009-03-25 William Morganoverwrite from and to fields in index when saving a...
2009-03-25 William Morganproperly parse email addresses store in index
2009-03-25 William Morganremove references to PersonManager in tests
2009-03-25 Nicolas PouillardRemove the now useless PersonManager
2009-03-25 Nicolas PouillardClose the "remove email->name mapping" issue
2009-03-25 Nicolas PouillardRemove the people.txt mapping.
2009-03-25 Nicolas PouillardAdd lib/sup/undo.rb to Manifest.txt