6 years agoStop unintended re-encoding of author names from UTF-8 to ASCII master 1.0.10
Sebastian Pipping [Wed, 8 May 2013 22:45:27 +0000 (00:45 +0200)]
Stop unintended re-encoding of author names from UTF-8 to ASCII

To see the bug in action, use an author map with umlauts, e.g.

nickname = Hällo Wörld from UTF-8 <>

and check "git log" after the conversion.

What is happening?
QByteArray "author" is first decoded as UTF-8 into a QString.
That QString is passed to QByteArray::append(const QString &)
which internally encodes the QString to ASCII byte data using
QString::toAscii().  "git fast-import" expects UTF-8 input
from us, so the original QByteArray with UTF-8 content is just
what we need.

6 years agoStop unintended re-encoding of author names from UTF-8 to ASCII 1.0.9
Sebastian Pipping [Wed, 8 May 2013 22:45:27 +0000 (00:45 +0200)]
Stop unintended re-encoding of author names from UTF-8 to ASCII

To see the bug in action, use an author map with umlauts, e.g.

  nickname = Hällo Wörld from UTF-8 <>

and check "git log" after the conversion.

What is happening?
QByteArray "author" is first decoded as UTF-8 into a QString.
That QString is passed to QByteArray::append(const QString &)
which internally encodes the QString to ASCII byte data using
QString::toAscii().  "git fast-import" expects UTF-8 input
from us, so the original QByteArray with UTF-8 content is just
what we need.

6 years agoFix compilation, the last rebase/merge went wrong. 22
Ulrich Spörlein [Wed, 28 Nov 2012 20:58:44 +0000 (21:58 +0100)]
Fix compilation, the last rebase/merge went wrong.

Noticed by: Andy Pilate

6 years agoUse fastimport.write for the actual commit objects too, so we get 21 1.0.8
Ulrich Spörlein [Tue, 20 Nov 2012 16:29:00 +0000 (17:29 +0100)]
Use fastimport.write for the actual commit objects too, so we get
logging when --debug-rules is turned on.

6 years agoRemove unused includes.
Ulrich Spörlein [Sun, 18 Nov 2012 14:54:19 +0000 (15:54 +0100)]
Remove unused includes.

Forgotten by yours truly in commit 1234336.

6 years agoMake conversion runs deterministic by sorting what's returned via hash from the SVN... 1.0.7
Ulrich Spörlein [Fri, 23 Nov 2012 09:32:35 +0000 (10:32 +0100)]
Make conversion runs deterministic by sorting what's returned via hash from the SVN API.

An SVN commit spanning multiple paths that shall be turned into
multiple branches in git would result in the git commits to be fed into
git fast-import in arbitrary order. This is problematic for merge
commits, as it means the list of parent commits for the merge commit
will have an arbitrary order. Fix this by always handling the paths in
an SVN commit in order. This makes svn2git conversion runs reproducible.

Unfortunately, commits where paths have been removed and added again,
might no longer be handled correctly. I haven't found such a case in the
FreeBSD repository however.

This is IHMO a bug in git, but it all hinges on semantics like list of
parents vs. set of parents and how you define a hash on a set of objects
that have no natural order.

6 years agoRevert "Remove the branch copy heuristic"
Torgny Nyblom [Mon, 26 Nov 2012 13:45:11 +0000 (14:45 +0100)]
Revert "Remove the branch copy heuristic"

This reverts commit c0187417902b10698135727d911ab9018f4941eb.

6 years agoMerge commit 'refs/merge-requests/17' of into mr/17 1.0.6
Torgny Nyblom [Fri, 23 Nov 2012 15:06:43 +0000 (16:06 +0100)]
Merge commit 'refs/merge-requests/17' of into mr/17

6 years agoMerge commit 'refs/merge-requests/20' of into mr/20
Torgny Nyblom [Fri, 23 Nov 2012 14:55:26 +0000 (15:55 +0100)]
Merge commit 'refs/merge-requests/20' of into mr/20

6 years agoSet marks on notes, so fast-load picks up from previous state. 20
Daniel Hagerty [Sun, 7 Oct 2012 13:26:26 +0000 (15:26 +0200)]
Set marks on notes, so fast-load picks up from previous state.

This should fix the notes upon successive, incremental conversions.

6 years agoRemove the branch copy heuristic
Ulrich Spörlein [Wed, 19 Sep 2012 19:59:35 +0000 (21:59 +0200)]
Remove the branch copy heuristic

The FreeBSD project has a different approach to branches than the
standard SVN or GIT models of how branches should work. An MFC from
head/ to stable/8 is a cherry-pick in git and should never result in a
merge commit.

Sadly, this means that "IFCs" from head/ to project/foo also no longer
are merge commits, though they really are ...

Reported by: Ryan Stone <>

6 years agoRevert "Do not initialize master branch if branches were specified in the ruleset."
Torgny Nyblom [Tue, 21 Aug 2012 14:43:48 +0000 (16:43 +0200)]
Revert "Do not initialize master branch if branches were specified in the ruleset."

This reverts commit 2ce7467917ef046dd9abfb1eb5464cd1ee7c7726.

6 years agoMerge commit 'refs/merge-requests/13' of git:// into...
Torgny Nyblom [Tue, 21 Aug 2012 14:42:44 +0000 (16:42 +0200)]
Merge commit 'refs/merge-requests/13' of git:// into merge-requests/13

6 years agoMerge commit 'refs/merge-requests/16' of git:// into...
Torgny Nyblom [Tue, 21 Aug 2012 14:33:02 +0000 (16:33 +0200)]
Merge commit 'refs/merge-requests/16' of git:// into merge-requests/16

6 years agoPrefix rules should keep spaces if they are part of the rule 18
Manuel Naranjo [Tue, 7 Aug 2012 18:24:14 +0000 (15:24 -0300)]
Prefix rules should keep spaces if they are part of the rule

This patch fixes a small bug with prefix rules where a prefix like:
prefix I\ Am\ A\ Very\ Ugly\ Path/ will not match as the match was
made against \S and not .* making the spaces not part of the match.

Signed-off-by: Manuel Naranjo <>
6 years agoMatch rules for files below a recursion 17
Sebastian Dörner [Thu, 12 Jul 2012 18:01:47 +0000 (19:01 +0100)]
Match rules for files below a recursion

6 years agoFixed git-svn authors map compatiblity. SVN is able to use committer/author names... 16
Florian Zumkeller-Quast [Wed, 13 Jun 2012 14:28:34 +0000 (16:28 +0200)]
Fixed git-svn authors map compatiblity. SVN is able to use committer/author names with whitespaces inside. In this case, the git-svn author map is the better format. The first whitespace is not a good identifier as separator but the first ' = ' sequence is. Changed the behaviour to fix this.

7 years agoFix timestamps of notes to adhere to git standards by using +0000
Ulrich Spörlein [Sat, 12 May 2012 15:53:42 +0000 (17:53 +0200)]
Fix timestamps of notes to adhere to git standards by using +0000
instead of -0000.

7 years agoAllow user-overriding of default email domain
Ulrich Spörlein [Tue, 28 Sep 2010 20:01:29 +0000 (22:01 +0200)]
Allow user-overriding of default email domain

Lazy projects where svn user X has email don't need to
compile (and update) an identity-map for rolling conversions.

This can be mixed with a real identity-map, so only misses in the map
will have the user then show up as

Also change the defaults somewhat. I don't like the NFS reserved
username nobody to show up in SVN or git logs, but am keeping that for

7 years agoRemove stray backslash in source code.
Nicolás Alvarez [Tue, 17 Apr 2012 18:50:41 +0000 (15:50 -0300)]
Remove stray backslash in source code.

It completely screws up KDevelop's highlighting...

7 years agoProperly expand multiple variables in the same line. 1.0.5
Modestas Vainius [Sat, 28 May 2011 12:01:51 +0000 (15:01 +0300)]
Properly expand multiple variables in the same line.

When were two or more different variables in the same line, ruleparser used to
expand the first one and replace *all* variables (since all variables are
matches of variableLine regexp) with that expanded value. The corrent way is to
replace that exact variable reference with the expanded value.

8 years agoMerge commit 'refs/merge-requests/14' of into merge...
Torgny Nyblom [Sun, 8 May 2011 07:31:13 +0000 (09:31 +0200)]
Merge commit 'refs/merge-requests/14' of into merge-requests/14

8 years agoMerge commit 'refs/merge-requests/12' of git:// into...
Torgny Nyblom [Sun, 8 May 2011 07:19:57 +0000 (09:19 +0200)]
Merge commit 'refs/merge-requests/12' of git:// into merge-requests/12


8 years agoSupport substitutions for repository/branch names. 12
Modestas Vainius [Sun, 24 Apr 2011 19:46:23 +0000 (22:46 +0300)]
Support substitutions for repository/branch names.

This patch adds support for 's///' style substitutions for the
repository/branch names in the match rulesets. Useful when e.g. eliminating
characters not supported in git branch names.


match /...
    repository some_repo
    substitute repository s/pattern/replacement/
    branch some_branch
    substitute branch s/pattern/replacement/
end match

8 years agoSupport 'description' field in the create repository rule. 11
Modestas Vainius [Sun, 24 Apr 2011 19:25:57 +0000 (22:25 +0300)]
Support 'description' field in the create repository rule.

Its value is used to fill in repository/description file used by gitweb.

8 years agoDo not initialize master branch if branches were specified in the ruleset. 13
Modestas Vainius [Sun, 18 Jul 2010 17:01:41 +0000 (20:01 +0300)]
Do not initialize master branch if branches were specified in the ruleset.

8 years agoInitialize branches specified in the create repository ruleset.
Modestas Vainius [Sun, 18 Jul 2010 17:00:14 +0000 (20:00 +0300)]
Initialize branches specified in the create repository ruleset.

Otherwise, what's the point of that directive. Sometimes repository does not
start from the master branch.

8 years agoDo not recurse() into the svn path unless it is an existing directory.
Modestas Vainius [Sun, 24 Apr 2011 19:13:28 +0000 (22:13 +0300)]
Do not recurse() into the svn path unless it is an existing directory.

Otherwise "action recurse" may fail on files or something else unknown.

8 years agoAdd support for adding svn commit info metadata as git notes. 14
Modestas Vainius [Sun, 24 Apr 2011 16:33:54 +0000 (19:33 +0300)]
Add support for adding svn commit info metadata as git notes.

The patch add --add-metadata-notes command line option which is similar to
--add-metadata except rather embedding svn commit info into the commit message,
it is added as a note for the respective commit.

8 years agoUse +0000 instead of -0000 for timezone indicator in timestamps.
Nicolás Alvarez [Mon, 18 Apr 2011 05:23:13 +0000 (02:23 -0300)]
Use +0000 instead of -0000 for timezone indicator in timestamps.

Git seems to always output +0000, so when filter-branching,
every single commit changes hash because dates are changed
from - to +0.

8 years agoAdd support for default values in variable substitutions. 10
Nicolás Alvarez [Mon, 11 Apr 2011 21:43:40 +0000 (18:43 -0300)]
Add support for default values in variable substitutions.

If there is no variable 'foo' set, ${foo} exits with a fatal error.
With this patch, you can use ${foo|sometext}, which will substitute to
'sometext' if the variable 'foo' isn't set. The default text may be empty.

8 years agoLimit variable names to letters, numbers and underscores.
Nicolás Alvarez [Mon, 11 Apr 2011 21:36:37 +0000 (18:36 -0300)]
Limit variable names to letters, numbers and underscores.

The parser used to allow any non-whitespace character, which could
cause problems in practice. For example, you could create a variable
with } or = in the name, or a character we may want to use in a syntax
extension later.

8 years agoSave deleted branches in a visible namespace 1.0.4
Sebastian Pipping [Fri, 8 Apr 2011 05:16:44 +0000 (07:16 +0200)]
Save deleted branches in a visible namespace

 - The branch is first created properly and then deleted
   (line "progress SVN r77 branch config-header = :0 # delete")

 - Jehan's post-1.0.3 commit 584005f2e26149282aa12c4a0367d250caaf3918
   writes a backup of the branches latest ref to refs/backup/
   on deletion.  Many thanks for that commit!

However, in my opinion the problem with the current code is that it
makes it much too easy to lose history during the conversion to Git.
Without a tag or branch pointing to it the commits will fall off easily,
especially if people use "git clone" on the bare Git repository created
by svn2git.

It would be safer and useful to create visible tags for this, e.g.

My attached patch changes Jehan's code to do just that.
Please consider application - this patch really matters to me.
If you'd rather have both a ref in refs/backup/ and in refs/tags/ or
require a command line option for it I can adjust the patch for you.

Thanks for listening,

8 years agoCreate backup reference before deletion of the original branch
Jehan Bing [Thu, 10 Mar 2011 18:54:52 +0000 (10:54 -0800)]
Create backup reference before deletion of the original branch

Ensure that the backup reference is created before deleting the original
branch. As it was, the deletion was executed earlier causing the backup
reference to point to a non-existing branch so was not created.

8 years agoRemove unnecessary const casts.
Nicolás Alvarez [Wed, 16 Mar 2011 20:37:22 +0000 (17:37 -0300)]
Remove unnecessary const casts.

8 years agoCommit branch creation when requested and not on next transaction commit 1.0.3
Torgny Nyblom [Mon, 7 Feb 2011 19:37:39 +0000 (20:37 +0100)]
Commit branch creation when requested and not on next transaction commit

Branches was created by adding the command to a list, this list was then
written to git when the next transaction was committed. This had the
side effect that if the branch creation was the last thing the branch
was never created.

8 years agoFix encoding of author names.
Nicolás Alvarez [Sat, 29 Jan 2011 20:38:34 +0000 (17:38 -0300)]
Fix encoding of author names.

Author names were being properly passed through fromUtf8(),
but then sent to a QTextStream using the system's locale.
This patch forces the text stream to always use UTF-8.

8 years agoSupport ranges in the revisions file
Torgny Nyblom [Mon, 17 Jan 2011 09:30:21 +0000 (10:30 +0100)]
Support ranges in the revisions file

8 years agoDelay transaction creation untill usage.
Torgny Nyblom [Sun, 16 Jan 2011 05:55:43 +0000 (06:55 +0100)]
Delay transaction creation untill usage.

This might fix the issue with an extra empty diff commit before all

8 years agoPrint how we were invoked
Torgny Nyblom [Sat, 15 Jan 2011 19:51:59 +0000 (20:51 +0100)]
Print how we were invoked

8 years agoOnly print warning if it applies
Torgny Nyblom [Sat, 15 Jan 2011 18:49:42 +0000 (19:49 +0100)]
Only print warning if it applies

8 years agoFix serious performance regression.
Nicolás Alvarez [Thu, 23 Dec 2010 20:28:52 +0000 (17:28 -0300)]
Fix serious performance regression.

In Repository::commit, don't call startFastImport() if we have nothing to
write to the fastImport stream. startFastImport() may start new
git-fast-import processes if they were previously killed, so it may be
extremely slow to call it frequently if it's not necessary.

8 years agoAdd option for using the real content of an SVN branch when creating a 1.0.2
Torgny Nyblom [Tue, 21 Dec 2010 13:49:54 +0000 (14:49 +0100)]
Add option for using the real content of an SVN branch when creating a
new branch instead of using the contents of the git "from" branch.

8 years agoFix the --version option 1.0.1
Torgny Nyblom [Tue, 21 Dec 2010 09:30:15 +0000 (10:30 +0100)]
Fix the --version option

When supplying --version the git commit that was used to create the
version should be printed to stdout.

8 years agoMake sure that there are merges recorded before trying to read the last one
Torgny Nyblom [Thu, 16 Dec 2010 10:34:39 +0000 (11:34 +0100)]
Make sure that there are merges recorded before trying to read the last one

8 years agoTry and fix cvs2svn multiple merge points for branches and tags.
Torgny Nyblom [Thu, 16 Dec 2010 08:52:10 +0000 (09:52 +0100)]
Try and fix cvs2svn multiple merge points for branches and tags.

Might still need some logic for detecting the correct from branch.

8 years agoMake the tagging commands visible in the gitlog aswell
Torgny Nyblom [Mon, 20 Dec 2010 20:12:27 +0000 (21:12 +0100)]
Make the tagging commands visible in the gitlog aswell

8 years agoOnly fetch revision properties once per revision
Torgny Nyblom [Thu, 16 Dec 2010 08:50:31 +0000 (09:50 +0100)]
Only fetch revision properties once per revision

8 years agoOnly call startFastImport when needed
Torgny Nyblom [Thu, 16 Dec 2010 08:49:51 +0000 (09:49 +0100)]
Only call startFastImport when needed

8 years agoBe more clear about what are warnings
Torgny Nyblom [Thu, 16 Dec 2010 08:49:04 +0000 (09:49 +0100)]
Be more clear about what are warnings

8 years agoMove branch creation/deletion/restting to Repository and write these in
Torgny Nyblom [Wed, 15 Dec 2010 15:03:34 +0000 (16:03 +0100)]
Move branch creation/deletion/restting to Repository and write these in

Prepare for handling cvs2svn borked tags/branches

8 years agoDitch PrefixingRepository in favor of a memmber variable in
Torgny Nyblom [Wed, 15 Dec 2010 14:29:47 +0000 (15:29 +0100)]
Ditch PrefixingRepository in favor of a memmber variable in
Some minor reordering

8 years agoDelete before other changes 1.0.0
Torgny Nyblom [Mon, 13 Dec 2010 17:11:22 +0000 (18:11 +0100)]
Delete before other changes

Fix issue where if a branch reset was triggered before a branch deletion
in the same revision the reset was overridden by the deletion

8 years agocall startFastImport where it is used.
Torgny Nyblom [Mon, 13 Dec 2010 07:09:12 +0000 (08:09 +0100)]
call startFastImport where it is used.

8 years agoCode style
Torgny Nyblom [Mon, 13 Dec 2010 07:07:36 +0000 (08:07 +0100)]
Code style

8 years agoDuh, do not try and extract options before they are parsed.
Torgny Nyblom [Sun, 12 Dec 2010 11:32:16 +0000 (12:32 +0100)]
Duh, do not try and extract options before they are parsed.

8 years agoAdd an option to print some stats after a run.
Torgny Nyblom [Sat, 4 Dec 2010 19:53:43 +0000 (20:53 +0100)]
Add an option to print some stats after a run.

8 years agoAllow more then one variable to be used on a line.
Torgny Nyblom [Tue, 30 Nov 2010 09:37:55 +0000 (10:37 +0100)]
Allow more then one variable to be used on a line.

8 years agoQList<int> -> QSet<int>
Torgny Nyblom [Sat, 27 Nov 2010 06:04:52 +0000 (07:04 +0100)]
QList<int> -> QSet<int>

8 years agoAdd an option to parse a list (in a file) of revisions that should be
Torgny Nyblom [Fri, 26 Nov 2010 11:40:15 +0000 (12:40 +0100)]
Add an option to parse a list (in a file) of revisions that should be

8 years agoMerge branch 'master' of
Torgny Nyblom [Sun, 14 Nov 2010 09:34:30 +0000 (10:34 +0100)]
Merge branch 'master' of

8 years agoFix detecting directory moves
Niko Sams [Sat, 13 Nov 2010 13:33:26 +0000 (14:33 +0100)]
Fix detecting directory moves

is_dir wasn't reported correctly, I guess because the path didn't exist anymore
at that revision.
Reuse the existing wasDir function as it works perfectly.

With not detecting the path as a dir, the / got not added, an thus the rule for the source
not found.

8 years agoPrint revision information with "copy from" warning
Torgny Nyblom [Mon, 1 Nov 2010 16:12:27 +0000 (17:12 +0100)]
Print revision information with "copy from" warning

8 years agoFix issue with variables not being defined when reading include files
Torgny Nyblom [Mon, 1 Nov 2010 09:49:08 +0000 (10:49 +0100)]
Fix issue with variables not being defined when reading include files

8 years agoPrint the missing from path when warning about missing source
Torgny Nyblom [Mon, 1 Nov 2010 09:40:45 +0000 (10:40 +0100)]
Print the missing from path when warning about missing source

8 years agoFix filename and linenumber for included rulefiles.
Torgny Nyblom [Tue, 26 Oct 2010 10:17:40 +0000 (12:17 +0200)]
Fix filename and linenumber for included rulefiles.

8 years agoBetter include path (FreeBSD patch from Uli -
Torgny Nyblom [Mon, 18 Oct 2010 05:54:51 +0000 (07:54 +0200)]
Better include path (FreeBSD patch from Uli -

8 years agoAllow files to be matched
Torgny Nyblom [Fri, 8 Oct 2010 17:25:49 +0000 (19:25 +0200)]
Allow files to be matched

8 years agoMake sure fastImport is started before adding file
Niko Sams [Thu, 7 Oct 2010 18:49:59 +0000 (20:49 +0200)]
Make sure fastImport is started before adding file

8 years agoMerge branch 'master' of
Niko Sams [Mon, 4 Oct 2010 18:46:53 +0000 (20:46 +0200)]
Merge branch 'master' of

8 years agosupport svn commit that converts a link into a file in one commit
Niko Sams [Mon, 4 Oct 2010 18:44:13 +0000 (20:44 +0200)]
support svn commit that converts a link into a file in one commit

this happens in kde svn rev 841619

8 years agoAllow more then one rule file to be used in a single run.
Torgny Nyblom [Wed, 29 Sep 2010 17:53:24 +0000 (19:53 +0200)]
Allow more then one rule file to be used in a single run.

8 years agoconst++
Torgny Nyblom [Wed, 29 Sep 2010 17:46:09 +0000 (19:46 +0200)]

8 years agoDie when a rule file contains an invalid regexp
Torgny Nyblom [Wed, 29 Sep 2010 17:45:20 +0000 (19:45 +0200)]
Die when a rule file contains an invalid regexp

8 years agoUnify debug messages and Match structs
Torgny Nyblom [Tue, 28 Sep 2010 18:40:05 +0000 (20:40 +0200)]
Unify debug messages and Match structs

8 years agocall startFastImport() in commit()
Niko Sams [Fri, 24 Sep 2010 19:44:29 +0000 (21:44 +0200)]
call startFastImport() in commit()

This fixes importing large svn commits that get imported into a large number
of git repositories. It happened that a process was closed (in ProcessCache::touch)
before commit() and so the commit wasn't imported correctly.

And remove the touch() call as that is done now in startFastImport()

8 years agotouch fastImport process in startFastImport()
Niko Sams [Fri, 24 Sep 2010 19:39:22 +0000 (21:39 +0200)]
touch fastImport process in startFastImport()

This is needed to make sure that not too many processes are running and
we run out of ressources.
Calling touch only in commit is not enough as startFastImport is called in other
functions as createBranch too - and that can result in too many processes.

8 years agoadd assertions to write() methods to make sure nothing is written into a closed fast...
Niko Sams [Fri, 24 Sep 2010 19:15:32 +0000 (21:15 +0200)]
add assertions to write() methods to make sure nothing is written into a closed fast-import

8 years agooutput repository name that crashed, helpful to know which logs to look at
Niko Sams [Fri, 24 Sep 2010 19:13:44 +0000 (21:13 +0200)]
output repository name that crashed, helpful to know which logs to look at

8 years agoReadd br.marks.last() to various places as a mark of "0" is used to mark
Torgny Nyblom [Fri, 17 Sep 2010 11:19:37 +0000 (13:19 +0200)]
Readd br.marks.last() to various places as a mark of "0" is used to mark
a branch as deleted.

Thanks Raja R Harinath for spotting it.

8 years agoFix assert when br.marks is empty
Torgny Nyblom [Wed, 15 Sep 2010 04:52:02 +0000 (06:52 +0200)]
Fix assert when br.marks is empty

8 years agoMake the fastImport into a logging instance, logging is enabled when the "--debug...
Torgny Nyblom [Mon, 13 Sep 2010 10:19:04 +0000 (12:19 +0200)]
Make the fastImport into a logging instance, logging is enabled when the "--debug-rules" flag is active.

8 years agoAdd posibility to use variables in rule files
Torgny Nyblom [Fri, 10 Sep 2010 10:30:12 +0000 (12:30 +0200)]
Add posibility to use variables in rule files
"declare var=value"
now "${var}" in any line will be replaced by "value"

8 years agoSpaces no tabs
Torgny Nyblom [Thu, 9 Sep 2010 10:08:40 +0000 (12:08 +0200)]
Spaces no tabs

8 years agoMake it possible to use "include file" for including the rules in "file".
Torgny Nyblom [Thu, 9 Sep 2010 10:05:08 +0000 (12:05 +0200)]
Make it possible to use "include file" for including the rules in "file".

8 years agoBetter log messages
Torgny Nyblom [Thu, 9 Sep 2010 08:02:21 +0000 (10:02 +0200)]
Better log messages

8 years agoSpaces not tabs
Torgny Nyblom [Wed, 8 Sep 2010 19:47:54 +0000 (21:47 +0200)]
Spaces not tabs

8 years agoOnly add a '/' if the path is a dir
Torgny Nyblom [Wed, 8 Sep 2010 19:38:06 +0000 (21:38 +0200)]
Only add a '/' if the path is a dir

8 years agoMore verbose debug output
Torgny Nyblom [Wed, 8 Sep 2010 19:36:45 +0000 (21:36 +0200)]
More verbose debug output

8 years agoInter branch merging causes git log to break with fatal internal errors
Torgny Nyblom [Wed, 8 Sep 2010 19:35:19 +0000 (21:35 +0200)]
Inter branch merging causes git log to break with fatal internal errors

8 years agoDon't print the same message as in Transaction()
Torgny Nyblom [Wed, 8 Sep 2010 19:34:15 +0000 (21:34 +0200)]
Don't print the same message as in Transaction()
Creation is already printed at the bottom.

8 years agoTry and work around cvs2svn branching/tagging issues where the directory tree is...
Torgny Nyblom [Wed, 8 Sep 2010 19:33:07 +0000 (21:33 +0200)]
Try and work around cvs2svn branching/tagging issues where the directory tree is not what it seems like

8 years agoMake sure that the path part is empty before deleting a whole branch. If the prefix...
Torgny Nyblom [Sat, 4 Sep 2010 06:27:05 +0000 (08:27 +0200)]
Make sure that the path part is empty before deleting a whole branch. If the prefix option for a rule is used current == svnprefix does not mean that we are dealing with the root of a branch, path needs to be empty as well.

8 years agoWhite space cleanup & debug statments
Torgny Nyblom [Sat, 4 Sep 2010 06:25:45 +0000 (08:25 +0200)]
White space cleanup & debug statments

8 years agoFix character encoding
Torgny Nyblom [Wed, 25 Aug 2010 09:01:11 +0000 (11:01 +0200)]
Fix character encoding

8 years agoMerge branch 'master' of git://
Raja R Harinath [Mon, 23 Aug 2010 18:19:54 +0000 (23:49 +0530)]
Merge branch 'master' of git://

The conflict was mainly around two different approaches to fixing the linear
commitMarks issue.  The precise tracking of commit marks per branch is better,
and that's how I resolved the merge conflict.

While at it, I also removed the "revision-*" files, since the "log-*" files
already have the same information, and the branch information too.


8 years agoMerge commit 'refs/merge-requests/7' of git:// into...
Torgny Nyblom [Wed, 18 Aug 2010 10:54:03 +0000 (12:54 +0200)]
Merge commit 'refs/merge-requests/7' of git:// into integration

8 years agoMerge commit 'refs/merge-requests/5' of git:// into...
Torgny Nyblom [Wed, 18 Aug 2010 10:41:23 +0000 (12:41 +0200)]
Merge commit 'refs/merge-requests/5' of git:// into integration

8 years agoMerge commit 'refs/merge-requests/1' of git://
Torgny Nyblom [Mon, 9 Aug 2010 12:24:37 +0000 (14:24 +0200)]
Merge commit 'refs/merge-requests/1' of git:// into integration

8 years agoExit if unable to open repository
Torgny Nyblom [Mon, 9 Aug 2010 11:32:14 +0000 (13:32 +0200)]
Exit if unable to open repository