last changeWed, 22 Jun 2011 20:54:17 +0000 (22:54 +0200)
2011-06-22 Max IseleFixed some more layer issues master
2011-06-22 Max IseleFixed some layer issues (detected by Dark_Mage)
2010-12-28 Max IseleReduced map size
2010-12-28 Max IseleAdded graphics for magical amulets
2010-12-25 Max IseleAdded elves village
2010-12-25 Max IseleSome more tile sets
2010-12-24 Max IseleChristmas updates
2010-12-09 Max IseleUpdated the GNU General Public License
2010-12-09 Max IseleAdded rpg maker graphics guidelines
2010-11-01 Max IseleFixed Mouboo Soul
2010-11-01 Max IseleRemoved halloween event
2010-10-29 Max IseleHalloween patch
2010-10-29 Max IseleAdded creepy decoration
2010-10-28 Max IseleAdded creepy halloween decoration to hurnscald
2010-10-28 Max IseleCreepy Moubotaur Head in items.xml
2010-10-28 Max IseleAdded Xml file of the creepy moubootaur head (by chii)
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