last changeFri, 23 Aug 2013 15:18:07 +0000 (16:18 +0100)
2013-08-23 Jiva Nath Bagalefixed type conversion warnings on thread functions master
2013-08-23 Jiva Nath Bagalereplace glib thread with pthread
2012-11-13 Jiva Nath Bagaleupdated data types in tcr schema
2012-11-12 Jiva Nath Bagaleupdated to xml create function to accept covariance...
2012-11-11 Jiva Nath Bagaleadded runtime xml creation function
2012-11-09 Jiva Nath Bagaleremoved unused spread function
2012-11-09 Jiva Nath BagaleMerge branch 'master' of git://
2012-11-09 Jiva Nath Bagaleintegrated libpackedobjectsd functions to send and...
2012-07-25 Jiva Nath Bagaleadded null pointer check in queues
2012-07-23 Jiva Nath Bagalefixed configure check for SDL_ttf
2012-07-16 Jiva Nath Bagaleupdated configure check for Phidget library
2012-07-08 Jiva Nath Bagaleadded phidget accel data reading
2012-07-05 Jiva Nath Bagaleadded command line option for phidget accel
2012-06-29 Jiva Nath Bagalecreated files for phidget accel support
2011-09-19 Jiva Nath Bagaleadded verbose log output
2011-09-15 Jiva Nath Bagalefixed bar graph limit bug
4 years ago master