Atom: added a field pubdate.
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2010-07-30 Simon CastellanAtom: added a field pubdate.
2010-07-27 Simon CastellanFixed the format of the atom streams.
2010-07-27 Simon CastellanMerge branch 'master' of
2010-07-27 Simon CastellanFixed the path to the feed in series/tags/authors.
2010-07-27 R. ThomasRemoving serie's title before each article on page...
2010-07-26 Simon Castellanforms.
2010-07-26 Simon CastellanSmall fixes.
2010-07-26 Simon Castellanfix.
2010-07-26 Simon Castellanforms.
2010-07-26 Simon Castellantextarea fix.
2010-07-26 Simon CastellanForms (suite)
2010-07-26 Simon CastellanForms.
2010-07-26 Simon CastellanSome templates fixes.
2010-07-25 Simon CastellanModified the link to comments.
2010-07-18 Simon CastellanAdding an hr in articles blocks.
2010-07-18 Simon CastellanSorting articles in the "authors" view.
2010-07-16 Simon CastellanComment number.
2010-07-15 Simon CastellanComments + source link.
2010-07-14 Simon CastellanComplete rewrite of the engine.
2010-06-15 Simon CastellanDo not indent articles' XML (it breaks with <pre> tags)
2010-06-15 Simon CastellanUse standard preprocessor for mldown processing.
2010-06-13 Simon CastellanNow serie is optional.
2010-06-12 Simon CastellanNicer pagination.
2010-06-12 Simon CastellanPagination.
2010-06-12 Simon CastellanSeries management.
2010-06-12 Simon CastellanNow prints the date.
2010-06-10 Simon CastellanSome improvements.
2010-06-10 Simon CastellanConfiguration, start of xhtml templates.
2010-06-09 Simon CastellanInitial commit.