last changeTue, 25 Sep 2012 11:55:28 +0000 (17:25 +0530)
2012-09-25 Anand BalagopalakrishnanUpdated CPU load calculation and widget resize master
2011-10-14 Anand BalagopalakrishnanChanged the CPU load function to be Linux specific
2011-10-14 Anand BalagopalakrishnanAdded a manifest for the flickable 2d graphics benchmar...
2011-10-14 Anand BalagopalakrishnanAdded LGPL license to autoscroll.ui
2011-10-14 Anand BalagopalakrishnanUpdate the licenses
2011-09-22 Anand BalagopalakrishnanChanges to widget geometry
2011-09-22 Anand BalagopalakrishnanMinor updates to README.txt
2011-09-22 Anand BalagopalakrishnanRemoved errors observed in embedded linux build
2011-09-21 Anand BalagopalakrishnanMade minor modifications to UI
2011-09-21 Anand BalagopalakrishnanRemoved deceleration from the application
2011-09-21 Anand BalagopalakrishnanAdded a README for the application
2011-09-20 Anand BalagopalakrishnanChanged the number of scrolls for FPS calculation from...
2011-09-16 Anand BalagopalakrishnanUpdated UI for the tab order
2011-09-16 Anand BalagopalakrishnanRenamed the demo from "flickable" to "flickable-perf"
2011-09-16 Anand BalagopalakrishnanReformatted source code to be in line with Qt guidelines
2011-09-16 Anand Balagopalakrishnanflickable: Removed debug statements added earlier
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