2012-08-27 Otto SabartAdded loging support; added debug messages and debug... 1.0.0-beta-v2
2012-08-27 Otto SabartAdded error handlings
2012-08-27 Otto SabartRemoved 1 sec waiting
2012-08-21 Otto Sabartfixed typos in help
2012-08-20 Otto SabartSmall changes
2012-08-20 Otto SabartPreparation for captcha (but first it's necessary to...
2012-08-20 Otto SabartSource scripts moved
2012-08-20 Otto SabartBetter error messages
2012-08-20 Otto SabartCaptcha dialog is prepared for usage in main script
2012-08-19 Otto SabartLoading captcha image into label is now working; it...
2012-08-19 Otto SabartRemoved unnecessary code
2012-08-19 Otto SabartImplemented support for login to netusers.cz (untested)
2012-08-19 Otto SabartLogin prototype is working
2012-08-19 Otto SabartMerge branch 'master' into dev-login
2012-08-19 Otto SabartMoved localtion of testing subtitle files
2012-08-19 Otto SabartAdded good and bad subtitle file
2012-08-19 Otto SabartChanged small typo in regular expression (it's unnecessary)
2012-08-17 Otto SabartIf there are some subtitles in "history box" - we don...
2012-08-17 Otto SabartImplemented option for specification of download dir
2012-08-06 Otto SabartAdded warning message to option
2012-08-04 Otto SabartAdded new todo
2012-08-04 Otto SabartAdded documentation to README
2012-07-28 Otto SabartAdded some future options and some todos
2012-07-28 Otto SabartAdded examples of usage
2012-07-28 Otto SabartRemoved todo
2012-07-27 Otto SabartSmall prototype changes
2012-07-27 Otto SabartFixed bug with download of multiple CDs from one subtit...
2012-07-24 Otto SabartFirst captcha image download implementation (fist Croat...
2012-07-24 Otto SabartMerge branch 'dev' into dev-login
2012-07-23 Otto Sabartadded notes file
2012-07-23 Otto SabartAdded todos
2012-07-23 Otto SabartCapcha GUI preparation
2012-07-22 Otto Sabartadded more test files
2012-07-22 Otto Sabartadded readme file
2012-07-22 Otto SabartNow it should work on various servers
2012-07-22 Otto Sabartremoved exe file
2012-07-22 Otto Sabartadded totos file
2012-07-22 Otto SabartSmall program option change
2012-07-22 Otto SabartAdd ending 'srt' to downloaded files
2012-07-22 Otto SabartRemoved titles encoding (we download subtitle file...
2012-07-22 Otto SabartImplemented download option
2012-07-21 Otto Sabarturllib2 from python2 is included in python 3 in urllib
2012-07-21 Otto SabartGetting url from iframes is now implemented in Threads
2012-07-21 Otto SabartSome tries with threads
2012-07-21 Otto SabartParsing of iframes is not in threads for now (but it...
2012-07-18 Otto SabartAdded win script
2012-07-09 Otto SabartFixed format string and regular expression for html...
2012-07-08 Otto SabartFormat arguments are not working (now it's not time...
2012-07-06 Otto SabartAdded booting scripts
2012-07-06 Otto SabartImplemented log function
2012-07-06 Otto SabartGetting links for multiple CD's is now implemented...
2012-07-06 Otto SabartAdded urlparser
2012-07-06 Otto SabartAdd support of multiple CD's
2012-07-06 Otto SabartAdded some working files
2012-07-04 Otto SabartDownload limit control v1.0.0-beta
2012-07-03 Otto SabartFirst implementation of downloader
2012-07-03 Otto Sabartcreated prototypes
2012-07-03 Otto Sabartinitial commit