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last changeThu, 30 Jan 2014 20:24:24 +0000 (21:24 +0100)
2014-01-30 Sebastian Heinleinmutt2todo: Open stdin as binary stream to read messages... master
2014-01-30 Sebastian Heinleinopen: Add support for Launchpad (lp:*) and Debian ...
2014-01-06 Sebastian Heinleinmutt2todotxt: add noreply to unhelpful user names
2014-01-05 Sebastian Heinleinmutt2todotxt: If the from address user part is mail...
2014-01-05 Sebastian HeinleinAdd a small paragraph about labeling mails on the serve...
2014-01-05 Sebastian HeinleinFix mutt2task reference
2014-01-05 Sebastian HeinleinAdd mutt2todotxt
2014-01-05 Sebastian HeinleinUse a more elegant code. Put the tool under GPL-3+...
2014-01-02 Sebastian HeinleinInitial commit of the open action
4 years ago master