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2009-11-15 Ken BarberLots of pod cleanups. master
2009-11-15 Ken BarberChanges to prepare for pushing to gitorious.
2009-11-15 Ken BarberAdded COPYING file containing AGPL license.
2009-10-21 Craig KnoxHide password in logs
2009-07-30 Craig KnoxLog params passed to TR.
2009-07-03 Craig KnoxVersion bump - need to change to get version from services
2009-06-23 Craig KnoxMore syntax cleanups. All code should now match perl...
2009-06-22 rootSyntax cleanups
2009-06-17 Craig KnoxTypos.
2009-06-11 Craig KnoxMore code cleanups.
2009-06-10 CraigVarious cleanups.
2009-06-09 Craig KnoxSmall fix to error handling.
2009-06-05 Craig KnoxAdd info logging to record method called as we don...
2009-06-05 Craig KnoxCode cleanups
2009-06-04 Craig KnoxPOD Documentation cleanups
2009-06-02 Craig KnoxTry different way of testing for https.
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