2010-12-27 J. Félix OntañónThe parent nodes could be showed/hided on the fly
2010-12-26 J. Félix OntañónAdded subsystem column to treeview
2010-12-26 J. Félix OntañónApp now closes well on main window destroying
2010-12-26 J. Félix OntañónDevices subsystems classes stored in their own file
2010-12-26 J. Félix OntañónUpdated about dialog app name
2010-12-26 Juanje OjedaAdded .gitignore file and removed the *.pyc ones
2010-12-26 Juanje OjedaAdded S.decode() method to the properties strings to...
2010-12-26 J. Félix OntañónAdded execution bit to udev-discover executable
2010-12-26 J. Félix OntañónStatic pci and usb class name tables added
2010-12-26 J. Félix OntañónAdded more subsystems for being displayed
2010-12-26 J. Félix OntañónAdded more subsystems for displaying
2010-12-26 J. Félix Ontañónmend
2010-12-16 J. Félix OntañónBugfix on device_added callback
2010-12-16 J. Félix OntañónDevice properties displayed on Properties Tab
2010-12-16 J. Félix OntañónDevice information displayed on summary tab
2010-12-16 J. Félix OntañónHPaned position preference stored/restored with gconf
2010-12-16 J. Félix OntañónThe devices are now displayed in a fancy tree
2010-12-15 J. Félix OntañónInitial import