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2011-08-01 J. Félix Ontañón[s][pygi] Merge branch 'pygobjectport' master
2011-08-01 J. Félix Ontañón[s][core] Updated devicefinder tests and small bugfixes
2011-07-30 J. Félix Ontañón[s][pygi] bugfix getting window width/height: some... pygobjectport
2011-07-30 Javier HernándezPorted from pygtk to pygobject
2011-03-06 J. Félix OntañónUpdated packages installing as some subpackage...
2011-03-06 J. Félix OntañónUpdated device finder class documentation
2011-03-06 J. Félix OntañónChanges on devices info and properties are logged into...
2011-03-06 J. Félix OntañónDefault width/height for the main window
2011-03-06 J. Félix OntañónDRM devices subclasses added
2011-03-06 J. Félix OntañónSingle file subpackages turned into submodules
2011-03-05 J. Félix OntañónChanges on the devices tree are displayed while filtering
2011-02-28 J. Félix OntañónClassic authors/copying/readme/todo files added
2011-02-28 J. Félix OntañónInstall path prefixed for udev-discover executable
2011-02-27 J. Félix OntañónUpdated about dialog disclaimer
2011-02-27 J. Félix OntañónAdded a Name column on devices tree window regarding...
2011-02-27 J. Félix OntañónSound devices subclasses added
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