2011-07-30 J. Félix Ontañón[s][pygi] bugfix getting window width/height: some... pygobjectport
2011-07-30 Javier HernándezPorted from pygtk to pygobject
2011-03-06 J. Félix OntañónUpdated setup.py packages installing as some subpackage...
2011-03-06 J. Félix OntañónUpdated device finder class documentation
2011-03-06 J. Félix OntañónChanges on devices info and properties are logged into...
2011-03-06 J. Félix OntañónDefault width/height for the main window
2011-03-06 J. Félix OntañónDRM devices subclasses added
2011-03-06 J. Félix OntañónSingle file subpackages turned into submodules
2011-03-05 J. Félix OntañónChanges on the devices tree are displayed while filtering
2011-02-28 J. Félix OntañónClassic authors/copying/readme/todo files added
2011-02-28 J. Félix OntañónInstall path prefixed for udev-discover executable
2011-02-27 J. Félix OntañónUpdated about dialog disclaimer
2011-02-27 J. Félix OntañónAdded a Name column on devices tree window regarding...
2011-02-27 J. Félix OntañónSound devices subclasses added
2011-02-26 J. Félix OntañónSerial tty devices subclasses added
2011-02-26 J. Félix OntañónBugfix around usb nice label extraction
2011-02-20 J. Félix OntañónPower supply devices subclasses added
2011-02-17 J. Félix OntañónNet devices subclasses added
2011-02-17 J. Félix OntañónInput device name differs whether it's an event type...
2011-02-17 J. Félix OntañónDevice icon displayed at device summary/properties...
2011-02-17 J. Félix OntañónBugfix creating udevdiscover input devices
2011-02-16 J. Félix OntañónInput devices subclasses added
2011-02-16 J. Félix OntañónIcon fetched from device property
2011-02-09 J. Félix OntañónFixed the mess while managing the device changes: devic...
2011-02-09 J. Félix OntañónOptical device information differs whether a media...
2011-02-02 J. Félix OntañónOptical Drive devices subclasses added
2011-02-02 J. Félix OntañónA textbox added for filtering device tree by finding...
2011-02-02 J. Félix OntañónBugfix on recursive device parent addition which duplic...
2011-01-23 J. Félix OntañónAdded SCSI subsystem classes for setting nice labels
2011-01-22 J. Félix OntañónSplitted device summary tab into device udev info and...
2011-01-22 J. Félix OntañónDevice get_info method now returns fields sorted
2011-01-22 J. Félix OntañónUSB Device splitted into device and interface classes
2011-01-10 J. Félix OntañónPartition and Disk devices subclasses added
2011-01-10 J. Félix OntañónUSB and PCI vendor/model names as two separated functions
2011-01-07 J. Félix OntañónStarting to restructure device classes hierarchy
2011-01-05 J. Félix OntañónClass added for block subsystem devices
2011-01-03 J. Félix OntañónFocus follows the new devices action added
2011-01-03 J. Félix OntañónAn events log window has been added for device add...
2011-01-03 J. Félix OntañónReloading devices tree concerns about the expand-treevi...
2011-01-03 J. Félix OntañónAdding and removal of devices are tracked now properly
2011-01-02 J. Félix OntañónUsing the new rescanning of subsystem
2011-01-02 J. Félix OntañónRescanning of devices supported in udevicefinder
2010-12-31 J. Félix OntañónExpand/collapse devices treeview action added
2010-12-31 J. Félix OntañónLookup vendor and model names for usb and pci devices
2010-12-30 J. Félix OntañónMemoized pci/usb class names lookup
2010-12-27 J. Félix OntañónDevices tree reload button added
2010-12-27 J. Félix OntañónThe parent nodes could be showed/hided on the fly
2010-12-26 J. Félix OntañónAdded subsystem column to treeview
2010-12-26 J. Félix OntañónApp now closes well on main window destroying
2010-12-26 J. Félix OntañónDevices subsystems classes stored in their own file
2010-12-26 J. Félix OntañónUpdated about dialog app name
2010-12-26 Juanje OjedaAdded .gitignore file and removed the *.pyc ones
2010-12-26 Juanje OjedaAdded S.decode() method to the properties strings to...
2010-12-26 J. Félix OntañónAdded execution bit to udev-discover executable
2010-12-26 J. Félix OntañónStatic pci and usb class name tables added
2010-12-26 J. Félix OntañónAdded more subsystems for being displayed
2010-12-26 J. Félix OntañónAdded more subsystems for displaying
2010-12-26 J. Félix Ontañónmend
2010-12-16 J. Félix OntañónBugfix on device_added callback
2010-12-16 J. Félix OntañónDevice properties displayed on Properties Tab
2010-12-16 J. Félix OntañónDevice information displayed on summary tab
2010-12-16 J. Félix OntañónHPaned position preference stored/restored with gconf
2010-12-16 J. Félix OntañónThe devices are now displayed in a fancy tree
2010-12-15 J. Félix OntañónInitial import