last changeWed, 17 Aug 2011 16:08:18 +0000 (18:08 +0200)
2011-08-17 Davidlohr Buesotests: grammar fixes master gitorious/master
2011-08-17 Karel Zaklosetup: allow to use --verbose with --all
2011-08-16 Karel Zakbuild-sys: release++ (v2.20-rc2) v2.20-rc2
2011-08-16 Karel Zakdocs: update v2.20 ReleaseNotes
2011-08-16 Karel Zakpo: merge changes
2011-08-16 Karel Zakpg: fix write_all() usage
2011-08-16 Karel Zakmkfs.minix: fix write_all() usage
2011-08-16 Karel Zaksfdisk: fix typo in man page
2011-08-16 Benno Schulenbergsfdisk: slice help text into small chunks and improve...
2011-08-16 Benno Schulenbergsfdisk: (man page) use comma between short and long...
2011-08-16 Karel Zakblkid: fix typo
2011-08-16 Karel Zakswapon: rewrite usage()
2011-08-16 Karel Zaklosetup: cleanup usage()
2011-08-16 Karel Zakwrite: cleanup usage()
2011-08-16 Karel Zakwall: cleanup usage()
2011-08-16 Karel Zaksetterm: cleanup usage()
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7 years ago v2.19 release v2.19
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