2012-02-19 Eric DeschampsINSTALL file fixed master
2011-11-04 Eric DeschampsFrontend: tiny modification on the script to avoid...
2011-11-02 Eric DeschampsBackend: tiny layout modification (menu masked for...
2011-11-02 Eric DeschampsDocumentation updated
2011-11-02 Eric DeschampsDocumentation: howto setup the map
2011-10-31 Eric DeschampsLittle documentation and sample databases.yml files.
2011-10-27 Eric DeschampsFrontend: added Category filter and a jquery simple...
2011-10-27 Eric DeschampsFrontend: added some translation
2011-10-25 Eric DeschampsStyle changed again, now the tooltip looks much better
2011-10-25 Eric DeschampsTiny css modification for a better tooltip on poi
2011-10-25 Eric DeschampsSchema updated to avoid a bug when deleting Poi (doreig...
2011-10-24 Eric DeschampsA tiny fix on PoiTable because the name is now in Keywo...
2011-10-24 Eric DeschampsA basic work for keywords internationnalization
2011-10-24 Eric DeschampsBackend and Frontend: working on translation
2011-10-24 Eric DeschampsFrontend:
2011-10-24 Eric DeschampsFrontend:
2011-10-23 Eric DeschampsFrontend: corrected keywords printed when clicking...
2011-10-19 Eric DeschampsData fixtures updated
2011-10-19 Eric DeschampsFrontend: now the showDetails function works quite...
2011-10-19 Eric DeschampsPoiModel: little change for query optimization
2011-10-18 Eric DeschampsLayout: just a tiny change on the application look
2011-10-18 Eric DeschampsBackend:
2011-10-18 Eric DeschampsBackend:
2011-10-18 Eric DeschampsBackend:
2011-10-17 Eric DeschampsJust added some fixtures
2011-10-17 Eric DeschampsBackend:
2011-10-17 Eric DeschampsHelper Thumb added (source lexik.fr/blog/symfony/symfon...
2011-10-17 Eric DeschampsPlugin sfDoctrineGuardPlugin added to deal with backend...
2011-10-17 Eric DeschampsSchema: table Photo droped (1 photo per Poi will be...
2011-10-14 Eric DeschampsBackend: still working on PoiForm and translation
2011-10-14 Eric DeschampsSchema: column is_published added to the Poi table
2011-10-14 Eric DeschampsBackend: admin-gen, form configuration and translation
2011-10-13 Eric DeschampsBackend:
2011-10-12 Eric DeschampsSchema: Table keyword column word changed to name to...
2011-10-12 Eric DeschampsBackend:
2011-10-12 Eric DeschampsFixtures: added some data fixtures to test app (in...
2011-10-12 Eric DeschampsBackend:
2011-10-06 Eric DeschampsBasic work for internationnalization
2011-10-02 Eric DeschampsBackend layout : link to keyword maintenance
2011-10-02 Eric DeschampsBackend : module for keyword maintenance added
2011-10-02 Eric DeschampsSchema : 2 tables added to add keywords to pois
2011-09-28 Eric DeschampsBackend:
2011-09-28 Eric Deschamps- Backend app created
2011-09-28 Eric DeschampsBase for the project :
2011-09-28 Eric DeschampsInitialized frontend application
2011-09-28 Eric DeschampsInitialized symfony project
2011-09-28 Eric DeschampsInitial commit; initialized symfony-git (1.4)