last changeMon, 19 Dec 2011 18:12:38 +0000 (19:12 +0100)
2011-12-19 pslawinsFixed orientation change bug master
2011-12-15 pslawinsadded fps label and back
2011-12-06 pslawinsadded cue; changed menu a little
2011-12-04 pslawinsFixed rotating camera around X; fixed light; removed...
2011-12-04 pslawinsChanged type of indices to GL_UNSIGNED_SHORT (GL_UNSIGN...
2011-10-08 pslawinsremoved old svn files
2011-10-08 pslawinscamera, shader fixes etc
2011-08-07 pslawinscamera works with y rot
2011-07-19 pslawins1st time I see the table. vertex arrays used for now
2011-07-07 pslawinsadded json parser; others
2011-07-04 pslawinsadded mv and proj matrices and many others
2011-07-01 pslawinsa lot of changes
2011-06-13 pslawinsview replaced with dummy button
2011-06-13 pslawinsRemoved engine from qml. Communication from qml to...
2011-06-02 pslawinsAdded files I had already
2011-06-02 pslawinsinitialize
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