2010-10-27 Arno Rehnhopefully fix this bug once and for all by resizing... master
2010-10-27 Arno Rehnremove debug output
2010-10-27 Arno Rehnthat functionality is already present in QtRuby
2010-10-22 Arno Rehntry to fix the network-list-layout bug
2010-07-31 Arno Rehnaspect ratio is free
2010-07-31 Arno Rehnnice highlight
2010-07-31 Arno Rehncorrectly get initial status
2010-07-21 Arno Rehnpossible fix for some spacing issues
2010-07-20 Arno Rehnuse i18n properly
2010-07-20 Arno Rehnyay for tooltips
2010-07-20 Arno Rehnrefine icons
2010-07-20 Arno Rehncentralize the dbus signal stuff - might fix the sudden...
2010-07-04 Arno Rehnupdate icons
2010-07-04 Arno Rehnmove that code to a common place
2010-07-03 Arno Rehnremove that signal, we can implement it in popupEvent...
2010-07-03 Arno Rehnenable/disable buttons accordingly
2010-07-03 Arno Rehnadd buttons
2010-07-03 Arno Rehndon't word wrap
2010-07-03 Arno Rehnuse deleteLater
2010-07-02 Arno Rehnactually connect to something
2010-07-01 Arno Rehnset the popup icon according to the signal
2010-07-01 Arno Rehnfeature tabbar for the sliding animations
2010-06-30 Arno Rehnuse a scrollwidget
2010-06-29 Arno Rehnasync scan instead of refresh
2010-06-17 Arno Rehnchange that icon
2010-06-17 Arno Rehnmore listwidget work
2010-06-17 Arno Rehnadd a titlewidget, begin with the list widget
2010-06-17 Arno Rehndbus++
2010-06-17 Arno RehnInitial commit