Change in way to deal with unmatched {} when searching template or variable
[wikiparser:wikiparser.git] / src /
2011-09-29 saitmohChange in way to deal with unmatched {} when searching...
2011-09-29 saitmohThe last lexer element must be an WIKI_TOKEN_EOF
2011-09-23 saitmoh- enable threads per connection using Eina_Lock before...
2011-09-22 saitmohnowiki to uniq string must be after getting/removed...
2011-09-21 saitmoh- don't make <pre> if in subpart
2011-09-13 saitmoh- remove onlyinclude from tag extensions
2011-09-13 saitmohRemove NOWIKI_SKIP obsoleted by uniq_string
2011-09-12 saitmoh- add translation for parser function
2011-07-21 saitmohStep to check mem usage
2011-07-19 saitmohsome cleanup
2011-07-17 saitmoh- reactivate link on image
2011-07-16 saitmohDon't create table node when current node is table
2011-07-15 saitmohDon't trim first \n in parser function if \n is follow...
2011-07-15 saitmohUpdate selected tab
2011-07-15 saitmohAdd makefile to build locales.
2011-07-15 saitmohMerge remote branch 'origin/master'
2011-07-15 saitmohAdd messages/magic word translation from mediawiki
2011-06-30 saitmohImprove compatibility with mediawiki for bold and itali...
2011-06-30 saitmohChange use of Wiki_Dump_Page
2011-06-30 saitmohCleanup:
2011-06-29 saitmohremove dead code
2011-06-29 saitmohMove template/function args from Eina_List to Wiki_Args.
2011-06-28 saitmohParse html attributes in multi-colon td
2011-06-28 saitmohprotectionlevel returns autoconfimed
2011-06-28 saitmohwiki_table:
2011-06-28 saitmohRemove ref to commons.
2011-06-28 saitmohDon't stop wiki list if not in list tag
2011-06-27 saitmohFirst import