last changeSat, 17 Apr 2010 19:37:02 +0000 (15:37 -0400)
2010-04-17 Will Kahn-GreeneRe-added the static app. master
2010-04-17 Will Kahn-GreeneFixed repo_summary; using old git-python api.
2010-04-17 Will Kahn-GreeneFixed repo_tree page.
2010-04-17 Will Kahn-GreeneFixed tabs to use the slug rather than the name.
2010-04-17 Will Kahn-GreeneFixed repo_commit so it worked with the new git-python.
2010-04-17 Will Kahn-GreeneFirst stab at documenting personalizing and using with...
2010-04-17 Will Kahn-GreeneLots of changes to update wsgit to use git-python 2...
2010-04-17 Will Kahn-GreeneUpdated code and example to use Paste static.
2010-04-04 Will Kahn-GreeneAdded license/copyright headers to all files.
2010-04-04 Will Kahn-GreeneUpdated TODO list.
2010-04-04 Will Kahn-GreeneAdded sphinx docs.
2010-03-20 Christopher... Descriptions now appear on the repository summary page
2010-03-19 Will Kahn-GreeneAdded myself to the AUTHORS list.
2010-03-19 Christopher... Only list tags if they exist
2010-03-19 Christopher... List tags on the summary page
2010-03-18 Will Kahn-GreeneAdded more icons; removed type column.
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