last changeThu, 29 Apr 2010 22:07:20 +0000 (18:07 -0400)
2010-04-29 Wes GarnerOptimized LiveWallpaper images eclair master
2010-04-29 Chris SoyarsAdded drawable-mdpi
2010-02-21 Romain GuyBetter support for landscape.
2010-02-19 Romain GuyMerge "Improve Water live wallpaper behavior across...
2010-02-19 Daniel SandlerFix coords of NeuralNetwork LW tap effects.
2010-02-19 Romain GuyImprove Water live wallpaper behavior across devices...
2010-02-12 Jason SamsFix leaf movement in fall in landscape.
2010-02-12 Jason SamsAttempt to fix occasional grass texture corruption.
2010-02-12 Jason SamsDO NOT MERGE. Port Froyo livewallpaper support to...
2010-02-05 The Android... reconcile main tree with open-source eclair
2010-01-29 The Android... reconcile android-2.1_r1 snapshot
2010-01-28 Romain GuyAdd uses-feature to the manifest.
2010-01-12 The Android... android-2.1_r1 snapshot
2010-01-11 The Android... empty initial commit
2010-01-05 Daniel SandlerFix http://b/2352067 .
2009-12-10 Android (Google... Merge change I9be01039 into eclair
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