last changeWed, 22 Feb 2012 22:24:37 +0000 (22:24 +0000)
2012-02-22 cwiiisAlter line-drawing algorithm to be more like a real... master
2012-02-22 cwiiisOnly use greedy lines when drawing quads in vidsoft.c
2012-02-22 cwiiisConsolidate the three line-drawing functions in vidsoft
2012-02-21 ari64SH2 dynarec: Add ifdefs for HAVE_ARMv6 and HAVE_ARMv7...
2012-02-20 cwiiisTweak the attack curve of scsp.c from x^4 to x^7
2012-02-20 cwiiisRemove the magic number when calculating LFO steps
2012-02-20 cwiiisUpdate einc immediately when changing registers it...
2012-02-18 cwiiisBig scsp.c clean-up
2012-02-18 cwiiisEmulate the EG slot monitor register properly in scsp.c
2012-02-18 cwiiisMake sure -lm is always added on a Linux build
2012-02-16 cwiiisImplement SGC/EG registers in scsp2.c
2012-02-15 cwiiisFix broken slot->ecurp initialisation caused by r2824
2012-02-15 cwiiisMake sure MSLC isn't readable in scsp.c
2012-02-15 cwiiisEmulate slot monitor registers better
2012-02-15 cwiiisFix SCSP timing for PAL video format
2012-02-14 yabauseOk... this is a quite big commit for a quite minor...
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