2010-06-13 James Rubinghsetting up better c autoindenting. Linux Style
2010-05-04 James Rubinghbugfix
2010-05-04 James Rubinghset line numbers on
2010-04-30 James RubinghMerge branch 'master' of
2010-04-30 James Rubinghdon't know what it does, so i disabled it! Huzzuh!
2010-04-29 James Rubinghadding source of matchit.vim a la README
2010-04-29 James Rubinghadding ruby fileformat for %, rails for gf and other...
2010-04-28 James Rubinghsetup some maps. spaced tabs, and jj for escape
2010-04-28 James Rubinghadding surround.vim
2010-04-28 James Rubinghsome updates to vimrc
2010-04-28 James Rubinghadding a few color schemes
2010-04-28 James RubinghInstall fuzzyfinder.vim
2010-04-28 James Rubinghadding a readme for shits and giggles
2010-04-28 James Rubinghadd gupg.vim plugin
2010-04-28 James Rubinghinitial commit, just a vimrc