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last changeSat, 8 Mar 2008 02:00:38 +0000 (21:00 -0500)
2008-03-08 StianAdded info about no.zdump and gem requirements/bz2lib. master
2008-03-08 StianSignificantly updated notes, and zarchive.txt - explana...
2008-03-08 StianRemoving old unneccessary files.
2008-03-08 StianAdding explanation cmdline.
2008-03-07 StianMove some stuff out of the Trollop block.
2008-01-14 StianEnable it to work both on filenames that have to be...
2008-01-14 StianBetter speed measurement.
2008-01-13 StianFixed conversion between hex encodings, and repaired...
2007-12-26 StianFixed templatefile arg
2007-12-26 Stiancatch exception when looking for a file that doesn...
2007-05-21 Stian HaklevRevert "adding trollop.rb, but still not supported"
2007-05-21 Stian Haklevadding trollop.rb, but still not supported
2007-05-21 Stian Haklevremoving unneccessary includes cgi and mongrel
2007-05-18 Stian Haklevadded trollop to mongrel-web. still needs testing
2007-05-18 Stian Haklevimported showing size of links from old-fileformat
2007-05-18 Stian Haklevchange to using webrick for compatibility. still OK...
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